Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chubby Bunny! OMG LOL!

Watch me make a fool of myself!!
Look out for the spit!

Another Day :)

My Dog cheers me up so much!

Officially this has been one of the most boring days of my life LOL. I have no idea why but i just feel down and very homesick today. I love waking up and seeing everyones messages though it cheers me up heaps!
p.s. if your here for guru advice, this post is just rambling lol just to warn you :P

I am such a lover of summer, it lifts my spirits and makes me want to go outside and enjoy the day. But Fall is here and I am watching the leaves slowly turn yellow... am starting to get a little sad and am wishing i was back home having a BBQ with my family!

Does anyone have that one thing that reflects on your life so perfectly, like spot on for that present moment... i know you might be thinking what the hell lol but for me it is Greys Anatomy. Every week i wait for the episode to air online and Each week it is spot on with how I am feeling at that time. 3 weeks ago it was about grief, which I was feeling very heavily and this week it was about perspective and how you look at things. So spot on again.

Attitude and perspective are so important in life and these are qualities I hope to pass onto my children too. Too often you see people who are just haters and negative... but that is no way to live your ONE life, this minute, this second will never be ours again so why bother wasting it. There are going to be times where we will feel so down, so hurt but all we can do is look forward with a good attitude and good perspective.

That was just my little rant lol. this week I have university so I will be quite BLAHHHH! But i love hearing from you all and thank-you giving my life that extra little bit of sparkle :)

Smile :)

Shell XXx

Saturday, October 24, 2009


For the very few people who do follow my blog, i thought I should explain to you why I am not regularly updating it :)

well to be honest, youtube videos is a long process already....
and two, I am starting a website soon which will incorporate tips on Fitness, Health and Beauty and other fun things like photos and a blog. Still in the designing phase with that though.

Thank you again if you have dropped by this page, have been working hard with keeping the videos coming and really do appreciate all the support.

Until next time!

Shell XXx

Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 Minute Full Body Workout

I made this video for all you busy ladies and men who still want to try to squeeze in exercise! I know the quality is bad and I will use a better camera in videos to come!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st Photo shoot. . . Behind the Scenes

My very first photo shoot. I had so much fun on the different locations. . . photographer is Marco Palmero! This is Just a little video of some of the locations.... ciao

VBLOG #2 What's going on in Shell's World?

Video Version of my Blog I guess hehe Xx

Hey yo wo. . . . . :)

So what's been going on in the last week??
Got my Abs video up, another VBLOG and behind the scenes from my first photoshoot!
All up on my CHANNEL...

Videos coming up this week...
ABS #2
5 minute Full Body Workout

The week after I plan to do a few Health/Nutrition related videos as they have been requested quite a bit.

Besides that not too much has been going on, trying to keep up my studies and not go into town so I can not buy anything lol. Getting back into some hard training sessions too as I don't want to lose all the hard work I have put in over summer.

Missing home quite a bit, I guess that is because it is starting to get cold and I DO NOT like the cold. I miss the hot summer days in Australia, but there is less than 4months till we are back on holidays..... YAY. I am only keeping up this blog once per week as getting back to everyone on YouTube has been my top priority.

I should have a website coming out over the next two month with fitness, health and beauty related articles so I am very excited about that too. I love helping people and it makes me feel as though I am putting my time towards something good/worthwhile. I hope my vids have been helping and I am so flattered to have gotten the response I have!

Thank-you all for you great comments Xx

Till next week

Cheerio :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Long Time... no see of me :D

Hi All, Oh My God! 3 followers.... yeah.. no seriously I have been flat out working on my youtube videos and have kinda neglected my blog lol. Have had heaps of videos going up over the last few days and I just want to say


I have said many times that I have had a hard week, and seriously I have and I wish that nobody in this world has to go what I went through, but I have always had the attitude of trying to be positive and to look forward! So i personally everyday have been looking at every single message and comment people have sent and they have made me that little bit happier.
I have only been on Youtube for 2weeks and already have 200+ subscribers. I am honestly so humbled to think that people actually want to hear me talk. Still kinda in shock because I honestly would have been happy with 10 subscribers.

So whats going on in my life right now....
* Just finished my assignment about tax (yawn) for uni... so glad I have a few weeks off now.
* trying to organise my brother in law to come to Japan.... need some visitors here!
* Have two photoshoot this month which I am very excited about and also very nervous... have never modeled before lol.

Thats about it... boring I know right! But I will continue plugging away at youtube videos.
Possible vids to come,

My skincare routine.
General Vid on healthy eating.
My diet/supplements
combination exercises....

So thats all for now folks, If you haven't joined me in the twitter world yet... you can find me at https://twitter.com/MissStapo

Thanks for the love guys... have a great weekend and keep smiling XxXx


Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vids, Haul and life

So yesterday I went shoping at Tosu Premium Outlets, basically a factory outlet for many different brands. But I forgot that it was silver week and there were sooooo many people there getting a bargain. The only thing I could compare it to is Boxing day sales in australia... heres some photos from the shops...

I shopped mainly at ADIDAS... KAOS!

It was a good day of shopping and neally everything was half price!I bought a pair of shoes, visor, shirt, and two awesome jackets!! I am very happy with the purchases as I know they will last me many more years.

So I did two videos today, Adidas Haul and my ear candling review. Sorry that the lighting is so bad, i really need to get a light in our tatami room. I haven't had any ear candles for a few months and I started getting those muffling sounds in my ear again, so I had to go buy them asap. Did a session last night and my ears feel much clearer now.

As for my fitness videos, I am sorry that I am a little behind with those, I want to make sure I have all the right exercises for everyone. Tomorrow afternoon I will film them. I am loving the comments I get back from people as it makes it feel so worthwhile. This week Ill be a little busy with a University assignment so there won't be too many blogs.

OMG last night I got chased by a flying cockroach??? Did you know they fly, i didn't LOL It totally freaked me out.

Anyways, would be great to hear from you, shell Xx

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mac Haul

Evening Guys....

Very productive day today...
Did my first MAC Haul Video which is getting a good response :) Keeping up this blog is quite hard, so I will keep thing quite brief at the moment... if I get more followers in the future ill expand it a little more! But for now the videos I am finding are quite time consuming. I have gotten my first few comments and they made my day, makes it all worthwhile!

Ok Back to it...
MAC Haul 1#
Mac Brow Set (Clear) absolutely love this.... my new HG!
Shadows - Goldbit & Naked Lunch... love my golds and bronzes so my collection will start with those. Naked lunch, omg so beautiful!
Studio sculpt concealer NW 25!! AHHHHH my new saviour, i never new concealer was this good.
Lipstick (Hue), very pretty, perfect for my darker lips, smells so good too. Cant wait to buy more lipsticks.
Brush Cleaner.....

Other Stuff
Revlon Eyeliner BlackBrown. I like as it is easy for me to work with because I am hopeless with eyeliner.
Loreal Double Extension beauty tubes- not sure what my opinion of this is yet. need to try a few more times.
Body Shop tinted glow enhancer... beautiful highlighter! I love the shimmer it gives you.

I wanted to invest in a few paint pots, but my mac store in japan suprisingly only had four..... UH disappointed :( Next Month I guess...
The Body Shop didnt have the awesome fall collection I have heard raves about either ....

Tomorrow another update :) about some youtube videos im loving and what ive been up to over the weekend.... sweet dreams guys
shell xx

Friday, September 18, 2009

...................Today the 18th... another day

I had been looking forward to today all week, so I was soooo excited when I woke up this morning!! Went shopping for the first time in ages.... and am going to do a haul video tomorrow (my first one) and i'll list down everything I got on here then.

Basically went shopping for hours today in Tenjin (Fukuoka, Japan), I had to wait at mac for around 30mins because it was so busy! I have been here for 18 months and I still can not believe how many shopping malls there are in this one little area. There would have to be 6 shopping malls all next to one another that are 6 storeys and higher!! My poor legs were going to fall off!!! But great cardio for the day I guess.

Ate a whole packet of tofu covered beans lol, will take a photo and post it up tomorrow... ADDICTED. anywho, thats all for now.... time for some beauty sleep... i need it!

Shell Xx

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Excited!! HAUL TIME...

Tomorrows the big day!! I get to buy all the product I have been wanting for ages. Alot will be from the Body Shop and a few from Mac and ADIDAS. I know I have advertised this as mainly a Fitness Channel.... But I am still very girly and want to show that side as well.

AM SOOO Excited... oh and I will also get my tripod which will mean MORE videos for everyone.

I am just in the process of putting up my Motivational Quotes Video. . . its something that I personally love, but I think i has made me a better person and if I can make one person feel happier from watching the VID then that will make my day :) I am not on here for popularity as you can tell. I just love the Youtube world and want to contribute what I can...

Hope you guys like the video, please follow and subscribe and I will do so on your channel/blog too :)

Sweet Dreams
Shell Xx

p.s. photo from my date last night. . . with my treat of icecream

2nd Video- 6 Product I cant live without TAG

So I am just in the process of uploading my second video, product I cant live without.... I just love these products and there are more that I use day to day, but these are the best.
1 . Rimmel Natural Bronzer 022 SunBronze

Have used this for years. If you are just starting out in make-up this is perfect for you because it gives you a glow without looking overdone. and if you are feeling lazy, just put this on and you will still look great. its a great summer product and very cheap. If you have lighter skin than me, i would go the shade down.

2. Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer (Shameless Nude and Pink Lemonade)
If you go to Napoleon Perdis.com you can order it online (us and aus) and 2 for $40 is the promotion at the moment. This is a really popular brand in australia and this is the stickiest, longlasting lip gloss I have ever tried. They have a great range of colors too.

3. Diorshow Iconic
People have debated whether or not it is worth the money... I think it is.If you have a mascara that you can recommend for me to try, let me know. but for me at the moment i think its the best. Lengthens, thickens, no clumping and it lasts.... cant ask for much more.

4. Jergens Natural Glow Express
Once again you can buy this online. It was only 10 dollars or so.... gives me a nice glow without it being too overpowering and orange. If you want to know where I bought it from online just ask :) a tan can give you so much confidence!!

5. Crest Whitening Strips (Advanced Seal) approx. $45
I bought these in the US when I was on holiday, as I had heard great things about them. They are so easy to work and are not uncomfortable when using. Its only for half an hour a day and they have made my teeth SUPER white.

6. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
I LOVE this perfume! Very rosy and light and not too strong. People always comment on my perfume, so I guess they like it.

If you guys like this type of vid, let me know and Ill do some more.... I'm not just FITNESS vids, will do vids about everything ahahaha.

have a great day everyone :)
shell Xx

Good Morning!

Up a little late today.... had an awesome sleep so I am feeling quite energised and ready to go. Today have to do my second video, still trying to come up with a title for it lol. Have decided that I will put up ten videos and see if they have a response, if not well then I will just continue following the others I love on Youtube lol.
About to have some tea and cereal.... mmmm the best way to start my day :) have a fantastic day!
Shell Xx

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st Video

Hey, just finished my first video!!! Yay, it only took me like 2 hours to talk for five mins. I am so hopeless! It is just a few things about me and what my channel will be about. Tried to keep it nice and short for you all. Tomorrow morning I will do my first proper video which will be '5 important tips to get the most out of your workouts'. These are some of the most important steps you need to take before starting your workout program :o)

hope you like the vid, my daddy just called! Will report back to my hordes of followers tonight AHAHAHA! jks
Shell Xx

First Post... HI Everyone :)

Woke up at 5am which is so so early for me! Was tossing and turning in bed because I had all these thoughts about doing YouTube Videos about Fitness/Workouts. WHY? Well I have been watching all the Makeup tuts by Juicystar07 and KandeeJohnson and I absolutely love them. They have helped so much, as I knew absolutely nothing about make-up before ha!

The area where I do have lots of knowledge is Fitness, not because I am a professional or anything like that... but because of personal experience, studies and reading so many articles. I have been a personal trainer in the past and I absolutely loved helping others, so I thought.... why not start a Youtube channel. The channel will cover everything from fitness, health, nutrition, beauty and reviews. Keep in mind this is NOT expert advice, I am just someone who wants to share what I know with the world and help anyone who is looking for it :o)

I will post up my first video today, it will be an ABOUT ME Video and today of tomorrow I will post up another video - 5 Steps to ensure you get all you can out of your workouts. Next Week I will start all my workout videos, but bear with me lol I am new to this haha.

Lastly, another reason I wanted to create a channel is because I feel as though there are not many Fun and Casual Workout Videos. I want to do videos that people can relate to.... and I myself am not a BUFF MUSCLE trainer, I have a healthy body for my height and I want people to realise that training hard will not make you grow into a muscles women, this is the biggest misconception out there. 
Training your body is one of the best things you can do.... I mean this is the only body you'll ever get for you whole life.... so don't waste it :o)
Any question/requests.... feel free to comment

Smile guys... have a great day XX

Shell X