Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Excited!! HAUL TIME...

Tomorrows the big day!! I get to buy all the product I have been wanting for ages. Alot will be from the Body Shop and a few from Mac and ADIDAS. I know I have advertised this as mainly a Fitness Channel.... But I am still very girly and want to show that side as well.

AM SOOO Excited... oh and I will also get my tripod which will mean MORE videos for everyone.

I am just in the process of putting up my Motivational Quotes Video. . . its something that I personally love, but I think i has made me a better person and if I can make one person feel happier from watching the VID then that will make my day :) I am not on here for popularity as you can tell. I just love the Youtube world and want to contribute what I can...

Hope you guys like the video, please follow and subscribe and I will do so on your channel/blog too :)

Sweet Dreams
Shell Xx

p.s. photo from my date last night. . . with my treat of icecream

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