Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd Video- 6 Product I cant live without TAG

So I am just in the process of uploading my second video, product I cant live without.... I just love these products and there are more that I use day to day, but these are the best.
1 . Rimmel Natural Bronzer 022 SunBronze

Have used this for years. If you are just starting out in make-up this is perfect for you because it gives you a glow without looking overdone. and if you are feeling lazy, just put this on and you will still look great. its a great summer product and very cheap. If you have lighter skin than me, i would go the shade down.

2. Napoleon Perdis Lip Lacquer (Shameless Nude and Pink Lemonade)
If you go to Napoleon Perdis.com you can order it online (us and aus) and 2 for $40 is the promotion at the moment. This is a really popular brand in australia and this is the stickiest, longlasting lip gloss I have ever tried. They have a great range of colors too.

3. Diorshow Iconic
People have debated whether or not it is worth the money... I think it is.If you have a mascara that you can recommend for me to try, let me know. but for me at the moment i think its the best. Lengthens, thickens, no clumping and it lasts.... cant ask for much more.

4. Jergens Natural Glow Express
Once again you can buy this online. It was only 10 dollars or so.... gives me a nice glow without it being too overpowering and orange. If you want to know where I bought it from online just ask :) a tan can give you so much confidence!!

5. Crest Whitening Strips (Advanced Seal) approx. $45
I bought these in the US when I was on holiday, as I had heard great things about them. They are so easy to work and are not uncomfortable when using. Its only for half an hour a day and they have made my teeth SUPER white.

6. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
I LOVE this perfume! Very rosy and light and not too strong. People always comment on my perfume, so I guess they like it.

If you guys like this type of vid, let me know and Ill do some more.... I'm not just FITNESS vids, will do vids about everything ahahaha.

have a great day everyone :)
shell Xx

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