Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mac Haul

Evening Guys....

Very productive day today...
Did my first MAC Haul Video which is getting a good response :) Keeping up this blog is quite hard, so I will keep thing quite brief at the moment... if I get more followers in the future ill expand it a little more! But for now the videos I am finding are quite time consuming. I have gotten my first few comments and they made my day, makes it all worthwhile!

Ok Back to it...
MAC Haul 1#
Mac Brow Set (Clear) absolutely love this.... my new HG!
Shadows - Goldbit & Naked Lunch... love my golds and bronzes so my collection will start with those. Naked lunch, omg so beautiful!
Studio sculpt concealer NW 25!! AHHHHH my new saviour, i never new concealer was this good.
Lipstick (Hue), very pretty, perfect for my darker lips, smells so good too. Cant wait to buy more lipsticks.
Brush Cleaner.....

Other Stuff
Revlon Eyeliner BlackBrown. I like as it is easy for me to work with because I am hopeless with eyeliner.
Loreal Double Extension beauty tubes- not sure what my opinion of this is yet. need to try a few more times.
Body Shop tinted glow enhancer... beautiful highlighter! I love the shimmer it gives you.

I wanted to invest in a few paint pots, but my mac store in japan suprisingly only had four..... UH disappointed :( Next Month I guess...
The Body Shop didnt have the awesome fall collection I have heard raves about either ....

Tomorrow another update :) about some youtube videos im loving and what ive been up to over the weekend.... sweet dreams guys
shell xx


  1. HI michelle! greetings from Florida ! my name is Lupe and I just found youre vids on you tube.You are doing a great job by the way! you are so refreshing to watch so open and honest you put a smile on my face.I would love to see more vids on fitness and tips for working out since for me personaly its been a little hard to fall into the proper habbit.Please keep making more vids maybe you could make a tour of where you live in Japan since it is one of my dreams to visit and live in Japan as well.Take care and keep up the good work!.....gambatte kudasai

  2. thanks for the comment... my blog is only new so its quite hard to keep up both the vids and blog....
    More videos are going up this week, its raining here in japan so it has put the vids on hold for today anyway. thanks for the comment and will def keep your requests in mind. X