Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vids, Haul and life

So yesterday I went shoping at Tosu Premium Outlets, basically a factory outlet for many different brands. But I forgot that it was silver week and there were sooooo many people there getting a bargain. The only thing I could compare it to is Boxing day sales in australia... heres some photos from the shops...

I shopped mainly at ADIDAS... KAOS!

It was a good day of shopping and neally everything was half price!I bought a pair of shoes, visor, shirt, and two awesome jackets!! I am very happy with the purchases as I know they will last me many more years.

So I did two videos today, Adidas Haul and my ear candling review. Sorry that the lighting is so bad, i really need to get a light in our tatami room. I haven't had any ear candles for a few months and I started getting those muffling sounds in my ear again, so I had to go buy them asap. Did a session last night and my ears feel much clearer now.

As for my fitness videos, I am sorry that I am a little behind with those, I want to make sure I have all the right exercises for everyone. Tomorrow afternoon I will film them. I am loving the comments I get back from people as it makes it feel so worthwhile. This week Ill be a little busy with a University assignment so there won't be too many blogs.

OMG last night I got chased by a flying cockroach??? Did you know they fly, i didn't LOL It totally freaked me out.

Anyways, would be great to hear from you, shell Xx


  1. You're helping people with customized exercises?? OMG can you help my Hilary Duff arm issue?
    Hilary Duff Arms- an otherwise petite and thin girl with inexplicable beast arms. http://www.x17online.com/images/photo-sets/conv/HDuff070309_X17/HDuff070309_08-full.jpg
    And I don't even lift much upper body wise!

    Please help! xx

  2. Heya, sure I can help! Ill do a vid in the next week, but unfortunately people cant spot lose weight! Some people just store their fat in different places.... me I store it below my belly button... I hate it. keep on the lookout for the vid ill do http://www.youtube.com/user/ShellsFitness101
    if you could do a shout out that would be great as I have 1 follower lol

  3. Ok girl! Here's your shout out.

    Looking fwd to defeating the Duff arms!

  4. Hey, great blog and videos-I'm sure your channel will be huge in no time. I'm fascinated by Japan-seems like an amazing place. Do a lot of people speak English?

    X x

  5. Hey, Japan is definitely a beautful place but also so so different to my home (Aus). I feel lucky to live here as it is such a once in a lifetime experience and I definitely recommend for people to make it here at least once in their lifetime.
    Majority of Japanese people know basic english, but their way of life is to be extremely humble and shy usually so sometimes it is hard.
    Thanks for taking the time out to write
    Shell Xx

  6. LOLOL @ flying cockroach