Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Day :)

My Dog cheers me up so much!

Officially this has been one of the most boring days of my life LOL. I have no idea why but i just feel down and very homesick today. I love waking up and seeing everyones messages though it cheers me up heaps!
p.s. if your here for guru advice, this post is just rambling lol just to warn you :P

I am such a lover of summer, it lifts my spirits and makes me want to go outside and enjoy the day. But Fall is here and I am watching the leaves slowly turn yellow... am starting to get a little sad and am wishing i was back home having a BBQ with my family!

Does anyone have that one thing that reflects on your life so perfectly, like spot on for that present moment... i know you might be thinking what the hell lol but for me it is Greys Anatomy. Every week i wait for the episode to air online and Each week it is spot on with how I am feeling at that time. 3 weeks ago it was about grief, which I was feeling very heavily and this week it was about perspective and how you look at things. So spot on again.

Attitude and perspective are so important in life and these are qualities I hope to pass onto my children too. Too often you see people who are just haters and negative... but that is no way to live your ONE life, this minute, this second will never be ours again so why bother wasting it. There are going to be times where we will feel so down, so hurt but all we can do is look forward with a good attitude and good perspective.

That was just my little rant lol. this week I have university so I will be quite BLAHHHH! But i love hearing from you all and thank-you giving my life that extra little bit of sparkle :)

Smile :)

Shell XXx

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