Friday, January 29, 2010

One Word TAG :)

Where's your cell phone: Kitchen
Your hair: dying
Your mother: cute
Your father: strict
Favorite Food: chocolate
Dream last night: dunno
Favorite drink: cola zero
What room are you in: loungeroom
Hobby: makeup
Fear: infedelity
Where were you last night: hardrockcafe
Something that you aren't: mean
Muffins: chocchip
Wish list item: chanel bag
Where did you grow up: Australia
What are you wearing: pjs
Your pets: dog
Friends: miss
Something you're not wearing: thongs
Favorite store: myer
Favorite color: black
Last time you laughed: today
Your best friend: daBOMB
Bestest Place you go to over and over: Benihana
Person who emails you regularly: spam
Favorite place to eat: mcdonalds

I tag anyone and everyone :)


1 comment:

  1. Hi Michelle, I just found you recently on YouTube and subbed you yesterday! I love your videos and look forward to watching all of them! Your positive attitude has helped me get my bum back in to the gym! (Too many distractions at home and it's not too safe to go running in the neighborhood I live in)

    Happy travels and have a safe move!