Monday, February 15, 2010

Love/Hate (By hate i mean dislike lol)

Welcome to any new readers, Thanks for coming on over :)
So it feels like there have been a bizzillion things going on in my life BUT here are some things I have been loving/disliking. . .


1) Clinique 3 Step System- HOLY GRAIL product! It has completely changed my skin and I no longer have breakouts. It is a little pricey, but in my mind well worth it for the results.

2) The Hangover- No matter how many times I watch this movie it still makes me LAUGH out loud! It is my go to movie to put a smile on my face. I <3 Vegas!!

3) Rimmel Nail Polishes- For the price I love them! So many fun colors...

4) Teen Mum- I love that show. . . enough said!

HATE (Dislike)...

1) Planes- Not just the planes but the whole process of flying is so exhausting. I never take it for granted but I cant wait until they invent a machine where you push a button and you arrive at your destination LOL.

2) Cold- Feels like so long since I have felt the warm sun on my skin. I want my tan back lol.

3) Moving- Another LONG process... especially when you dont know where you are moving to yet.

4) At home hair coloring kits- I mean it works for many but for me 2 outta 2 = FAIL! I chose a medium brown and my hair turned BLACK! Back to the Salon....

love u guys x


  1. I love Teen Mom!! Maci is my favorite, but I cannot stand how Ryan is SUCH a deadbeat.

  2. Which of the Clinique three step systems do you use? I've tried the one specifically for acne and it was pretty good! :)

  3. Hey Michelle,
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