Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things....

Wow how things have changed since I last kept up my blog... I started this blog a mid last year as I thought it would be fun to do.... but as my youtube videos took more importance, my blog slowly but surely fizzled out. At the time there was so much stuff going on in my life, keeping up the youtube videos was my top priority!

But now it is 2010 and I am going to get back to doing these posts as I think it is a great way to share your thoughts with more than 160 characters lol. Things in my life are slowly getting back to normal :)

I hope you guys enjoy my blog, I will aim for 2-3posts a week.

For all the new followers to my blog, thanks you for coming on over and dont forget to follow me :) tehehe.

Take care lovelies Xx

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