Friday, January 22, 2010

Chanel Bag or Chanel Watch??

For so so long I have longed after, wished for, DREAMT of having a Chanel Bag. Of course like for most of us it is just so expensive and hard to justify such a spend. BUT I also know that if I bought a bag that it would be mine forever and would be used so so much. So in my mind it is worth investing the money.... right?!?

I have always adored the classic flap bag, the smaller size and the larger one. If I get one it will definitely be black with gold accents :)

Now, here comes the confusion... this lovely bag has come into the picture LOL. I think it looks so classy, but also a little different from the classic chanel bags.

Which bag would you choose?? Help me ?!

The title of this blog post is bag or watch... and this is the watch I love. The classic J12, not with the diamonds, just as is above. These retail anywhere from $4000 upwards.

CON's to the watch: I think it would wear so much quicker than the bag, as I am always banging my bangles around.

SOOOO What would you do?? I twittered this topic and alot of you said to go with the watch. I am swaying more to the bag as I think its so timeless and I would use it everywhere :)

Take Care,
Shell Xx


  1. Haha, this was a déjà vu reading! I've been blogging about the same thing ;)
    I came to the conclusion that I'm going for the flap bag in jumbo size and gold chains. I still haven't decided whether to get the caviar or the lamb skin though. I think the caviar as it seems to hold up a lot better. :)

    Yey, for Chanel bags!! ♥

  2. Get the bag, the watch requires way more maintenance. I got the J12 and just to change the battery required sending it away for 2 months. I scratched the face a little on the corner and thank god I had a friend who worked at Chanel because they got it fixed for me for free. That would have been another $150.

  3. I would say the bag too!! and the bag just seems more worth it.. cuz EVERYONE would see it. :P :)

  4. Definitely the bag!

  5. choose the bag !! (the larger one) :)

  6. What's your day job, if you don't mind me asking? How do you pay for this if you're still a student?

  7. thank u for all your comments!! As for how I pay for stuff, well I save my ass off like any other :)

  8. I love Chanel bags and think they are a good investment if you are definitely know that you will get the most of it for the rest of your life. I love both bags in the picture, though the second one bag is slightly cheaper.

    I like the Chanel watch but I personally prefer to spend thousands on a bag as I also tend to be prone to damage my watch easily.

    I think you should get the bag!

  9. Hi there! I think the J12 is way overrated. You can get a similar looking Michael Kors watch for a fraction of the cost and wear it worry-free! Regarding the bag - you have the exact same taste as me (I love black with gold hardware!) I recently bought a Chanel GST and I love it. I eventually want to get a Maxi classic flap in black caviar with gold hardware, but at over $3K, it's going to have to wait. My other passion is Balenciaga bags. I made a video of me unwrapping my Chanel bag (I prefer caviar as lambskin is high maintenance). Here's the link to my vid if you're interested in checking it out! :)

  10. Get the bag dear! I agree totally that the watch would wear out faster. I just got my first Chanel flap too! :) All the best.