Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodbye Fukuoka!

So I have lived in Fukuoka with my husband for the past two years! What can I say, the place is beautiful.... but it never completely felt like our home. With bretts career comes a change of location, AGAIN :) But we are happy to move, as we have experience so much in this town....

Heres some photos from our time in Fukuoka, Japan :)

One of the many adventures on our bikes!!

Beautiful Fukuoka! On the ferris wheel by the beach :)

Too much to drink at Karaoke.

At Dazaifu . . . Love it there

Our First snow 01/2009

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms of Spring :)

Will miss u girls, you know who you are :(

Ill miss the beautiful sunsets and my balcony... so many hours spent out there staring at the world :)

Am sad to be leaving, but excited for the opportunities & the fresh start ahead.
Busy Busy packing away!

Goodbye Fukuoka
Shell Xx

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  1. What does your husband do?

    I'm going to Japan in April. I can't wait. Though I've never been to Japan before, but I would imagine it would be a great place to stay for a while.