Thursday, January 7, 2010

Highlights of 2009 :)

Yes I realise I am running a bit late but I thought I would still do a photo post as 2009 was a huge year for me with many lessons learnt. 2009 was both a good and bad year, but I will take what positive I can from it :)

February 2009,
Went back to Australia after a long cold winter. Was so great to lay in the sun, enjoy all the wonderful foods and to see my friends and family again!

Brett and my dad LOL

May 2009: Back to Japan once again, but it is spring and the beautiful cherry blossoms were out. I love SPRING

July 2009: By far the BEST month of the year!! Brett and I went for our first holiday to America and we had an absolute blast!!! The grand canyon, Las Vegas and the Hollywood sign were highlights of the trip... loved it and cant wait to go back!

*Losing my money in Las vegas

*Climbing up to the HOLLYWOOD Sign


After our america trip we came back to Japan to climb Mt Fuji! The highest mountain in Japan. It was freezing cold and stormy, but a great experience! Was summer in Japan, but there was ice at the TOP!! Very very unprepared :(

September 2009: Started on Youtube!! Didnt think i would have any SUBBIES lol

I also had my first photoshoot ever!!!

I used to be so obsessed with carrying my camera around! I have found that since starting my YT vids, I have taken hardly any photos from around the place... WEIRD!!

December 2009:
I returned back to Australia to see my family for a little while before Christmas. Was great to feel at home again. I miss the heat so much, the sun just makes me so so happy!!! Christmas was fun and cold in Japan . . . got lotsa prezzies from Santa.!!

Had a year of goods and bads, but I am looking forward to 2010 for a fresh start!!
New Decade
New Year
More youtube lol!!
Happy New Year all . . . Wishing you a fun and prosperous one!

Shell Xx


  1. Yay I am so glad that you are doing your blog, I love watching your vids on youtube but feel left out haha cause I don't make videos, only blog. I look like too much of a dick on camera though haha.
    Hope you had a nice time in Oz and a good Christmas and New years break.

  2. Aw thanks babe! Looking forward to keeping this up :) had a blast and looking forward to heading back to Aus again lol, on my way now to check out your blog.... keep in touch, shell!!

  3. Ohh... here you are!! wow, your blog is amazing!! love love the background! where ever did you find it? That picture of your dad and hubby is adorable :)

  4. ur actually from australia right? why do u live in japan?

  5. Where are your sunglasses from? They're so cute!